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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 17, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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no pill poll. no one knows what it meant. thanks for watching us tonight. the spin stops right here and we are looking out for you. >> this is it a noxfox news aall right. we learned from connecticut police investigators found significant evidence where day began in adam lanza's home. between his commuter and cell phone a motive will be evident. the first two victims were held today for six year old noah penzar. and jack. molly line has the latest on the investigation from newton tonight. what are you learning tonight?
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>> i had a chance to speak with the people who nancy lanza, the mother . shooter and they considered her a free. she hung out the pub called my place and she was a normal woman. there is white she was interested in guns and shooting, it was not a big part of her personality. >> she's described as some kind much a gun you know enthusiast or gun nut survivalist and things that i heard and that is not the nancy i know. i know she has guns and she enjoying target shooting and that's all i know. it is not the primary hobby. >> and one of the most interesting things we learned was through the medical agency saying it was true mother and
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son went to the gun ranges together but they couldn't find evidence that the shooter had been to a gun range. some of nancy lanza's friends said she was a troubled mother in trying to find help for her son and having difficulty in life for doing that. he attended community college nearby and handemed college courses civil of the freppeds said he was looking into possibly going to college and she would be willing to pull up roots and leave new town to go to a newtown if he found a place to go to college. she was a devoted mother. >> thank you, molly. >> we have three day to reflect on the events in newtown, on friday. 20 children ages 6 and 7, and six adultings were gunned down and they were by all accounts
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wonderful people who were heroric in death as they gave their lives who served the children that are in their care. there are no words that can relieve the orch whelming pain and sorrow that the family and victims are feeling now and that will stay with them for days and weeks and months to come. >> we are talking about grief beyond message. this is what evil does. and we are praying for the families sad lie politics included in the tragedy. and automatic from the minute it occurred now it is our job to add whatever perspective we can to the debate. and the predictable media and mantra against guns began they called on the president to
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exploit the murders and he said that without spectaculars of what happened. and in jumps hollywood and left politicians and the president. why were these same people, mine of them siabout the fast and furious scandal? why do politician hollywood stars, all have armed security for themselves? why? i have yet to hear one proposal to prevent this tragedy from newtown from happening. does it include parenting issues and dramatic rise in medication or include vilep movies and tv culture obsessed with violencement can we discuss brippinging good and 10 command ams back in the classroom?
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we should act intelligently and rely on facts and approach the massacre in a focused and in's calm and reasonable way we should act in a way thoo brings us to the newtown massacre and the issue of gun control. liberals in the media and safe to say president obama as well based on his memorial comments. is using it to add his voice. don lenin on a anti-rant. we need to get guns and weapons off of the street and only available to police officers and al-qaida and. and not hunt elementary children. >> why would anyone own a
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assault rifle temperature is the confiscation of the weapons that counsels and will impactment pbs, your tax did at work. >> it is easier to buy an automatic weapon than rent an automobile. you can't buy one without a special license from the bureau of tobeacco. we'll see an avalanche of comments. we are facing a liberal ideology that wants to undo the second amendment and they are eager to advance their cause. what is it for us. three days after the newtown tragedy. think about we act and resist the temptation. and jamming through legislation in order to do something if we do, do something let's be smart about
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it and pursue policiless that work ask not make the people on the left feel better. and we might save innocent lives. if the left respects the constitutional roits perhaps they'll look at searching our policy related to mental health and school security. if they don't they will be exposed for concluding what is happening. they are advancing for agenda. and that would be sickening. here is hugh hewet and monica crowley jerry nadler. we'll exploit it within hours, they are racing to blame guns and knew nothing.
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>> doesn't what the actul facts or deof the i just knew here we go again and they do it every single time there is a trag doe involving a gun. they focus on the weapon than the prerpitator and direct the moral to that and it is about the ideology and stripping law-abiding american citizens from the legal right to have a gun. >> i am looking at parenting issues. why would you have a gun in the home with a kid that is mentally ill and burning himself. why would there be any access if we have a question in mirk. >> on friday's program i had the arch biship of philadelphia and he talked
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about metropolitanal health issues in the united states. we look at aurora and virginia tech. each of the kill ares profoundly mentally unstable. you gun there and talk about what you do with that. there is an amazing post by a soccer mom who deeds with a doubled person. it is generated questions from thousands of americans with troubled young person's. they are missing an opportunity to say this is not easy. what do we do about the people? they are making what it is not. >> can it include parenting issues and mental health issues medication distribution to children and we have seen it with the medicines and violent movies and video games
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and god remouved from the classroom . >> every time this happens, the ruman mind tries to look for the reason. is it culture or video games. on the left they reach for at gun explanation . sometimes the obvious answer is the correct one. evil exists. a week before the murders, this kid tried to buy a gun he was turned down and he didn't want to submit to the background check and waiting period. it is about if we can't intervene with these people, you saw the photograph of the gabe gifford shooter. they look normal. they look like sick individuals. the question is to get to them before it happens. >> i know most of the people commenting. i was trained in the use of
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fire arms since i was a kid. most of the pime don't know what an assault weapon and automatic weapons are available. but they get rid of assault weapons and then it is it pistols. if it happens with a tire iron will they get ride of those. >> they don't know about the second amendment. i read heller before i came on. i heard so much stupid commiptary. and i would like to people to pause. this is not a question of what in the constitution . it is a question of what is in the institution. they can make a proposal but they can't repeal the constitution. i understand the irony and talking about the media. but going back to when
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nbcaired that virginia tech killer tape, since then, there is a role for the media to act responsibly. and not to cover and send a message that immortality awaits anyone who is deed and if they pick up the gun and slaughter innocents. we are not doing it the right way. >> i thank you both for a thoughtful conversation and some of the is reckless and irresponsible andly omitting the pain. >> coming up. investigators who piece together the shooter adam lanza and trove the twept year old to commit they hadinous crime. how is law enforcement getting to the tragedy. that and more coming up on hannity.
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>> a newtown community the lost of the youngest and most innocent. police are looking at adam lanza's computer recovery said to shed a motive. we are learning that the joining me to help me explain the law enforcement will get to the bottom of the investigation. mark furman . what could they find, mark . i know everyone is trying to race to conclusions and the gun. and what will the investigators look for? >> well sean, they have already processed the scene. they know they had one shotter responsible at the scene and the weapons used in the sceep and they connected them up to the investigation . and now to homicide of the
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morning in the lansa home . they hope to fiped evidence that leads them to a direction and or meened stet nathe respect it and if we was fluence and's had's mental isthey charrled anger and rage. picture is emortgaging a acward. and was being wor. school officials looked out for him so hoe would not be bullied . what do we saw to a person that they themselves and nothing was in this case.
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in hipped set, we are okaying at this that someone should have rushed in and interrepped. and to actually put 71 in a psychatology told for 72 hours. thigh had to tell you what at a it was. and the the presidentment and they arie reneved to reality they are a harm to themselves and another. >> sean, i have been to well and hearing in on are the. and is tue being the will
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gither wasting time. and we that he went prols come up barf thes schools and rural hospitals and hospitals and plices that are in hard targets and why don't we take the schools and employ the samuator you have in a matthews pressure. >> let me use you to . l and how often in your years as a defective that the signs were evident . i am not sure troyed you wanted in a scene like that. shoy do i recover from that. >> they are not going to recover canthey will always oomer it.
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lyou really don't. you have to go there it and it is not your nob. >> is the worst with the occur. and no one is going to an from this much and tell the ferst respoppeders as the there is speckulsion aat that point's mental approximate we have big develop the on the other than of the cliche. hoed a county deal . look at it straight ahead .
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>> welcome back to hannity. parents damage how devastating it would be it be a parent of those kids killed. there is other partnerships that happening about being a murderer. the mother described the hardships racing him with a toire storester. i am james hoims mother. and whey we have weasey bays their and to understand how a
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miptal illness could have contracted we have dr. ruskin and dr. michael stope in columbia we heard the mother voted as saying, i control him and he's getting worse and everyone knew he was troubled but he was smart and a lot of socials; is that true kids can burn themselves and not feel bad. it seems like a lot of thippings missed . >> yes, there are children and adults that do indeed have that symptom. but we can't speculate we don't know if we don't have enough details and to diagnose. it is dangerous for us as a culture because we are stuck
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in that mind set. there are people who are socio paths and no conscience and no sense of right ask wrong and menally il. >> lutely . >> what about people who center a conscious or soul. how upon doe we hear people say we saw this coming? snomit all people with no emacty are classic socio paths and asbergers, doesn't mean to look at that face and know what they are feeling. they are not dangerous in the way the psco path .
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peculiarly in the case of abam. >> his mother is telling people that she upons i can't control him anymore that he's getting worse. that means evidence manage is not right . >> i heard that he had emotional outburst but i didn't hear if he was violent. >> he was hurting himself? >> i don't know. i at any time are had about that? >> the component with asbergers though . a lot of people are upset how in the news why talking about asbergers or sum sum. ther bane're many children with asbergers and they really do have empathy and it is purpose to put it out that what we to upon. that there was a seeded
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emotional and metropolitanal disturbance that stemmed starting from child hood with this man. >> i don't want to after the mother. she was killed in this insat the present time. and a if you have someone with a mental opinion those should be manage misdemeanorment nwhy hear about are wewe are learning in a lot of cases thrathey are on education . most poem are talking to guns than what we are treating the
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piece. >> if child is showing emotional disturbance and movaturance. loot up the depun and your can not been. i can put you on the tell my depippeds are. and you will not and i don't happened it. it nright. medication . ni am requests the doctor a question . >> absolute low. >> if she did get him to talk with he here. perhaps not in the last seven o'clocks. the high knew about the gups but not necessarily going to
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kit it i carried a gun half of my life and i am familiar with fire arms and i aming more about fire safety. >> i and i don't think she ought to be a gun controller. in order to herfs yesterday from light . nhe notted san eye vilept yes, you rike to use of the wooter? >>ip thapping you for your insight. >> who glets the all right of most posedent . >> and the that you i to sare
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the well the sources are saying we may be close. woe have had
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>> we are learning that house speaker boehner and president obama are getting to a deal. we are learning that the president presented a counter off to biggest boehner. it is 1.2 trillion in tax ibcreases for those earning $400,000 or more a year and a two-year debt ceiling increase and anend to sequestration spending cuts and said that (bombing noise) and his office is a step in the right
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direction . hoar is the sarasolta springs mayor who should be senator or maybe president. >> good to see you. >> i said that speaker boehner is doing a good job negotiating with himself. he's giving up on everything. and this is the first move at all from the president. i don't like two years of not dealing with the debt ceiling. >> to give it up would be devastating. and really the cards are all with the administration and democrats. >> look, sean it is it a peace meal surrenders. he's more intend on getting a deal. the president wants more stimulus spending in his proposal and tax revenue than
9:37 pm
cuts more importantly and i wrote a piece wait a minute. you are going to have to raise taxes and take the shumer and say we will go with that. you start the cuts and remember sim sim-- -- simpson-bombs. >> if they give up on the debt limit. they are giving this president two years, a blank check. >> for two years and devastating. and we have to remember what we are dealing with here. we don't have a revenue problem. we have a spending problem. ordinary citizens like myself have to live within our means. and if we tax the top two brarkets that will cost $700,000 jobbings.
9:38 pm
>> we have lost every leverage. >> you have given it away. >> he's giving it away. republicans are not going to stand as the conservative alterative voice what are they there for up. >> he's giving up nothing. >> 250,000 to traxing of -- taxing people with 400,000. >> heria going to get revenue increases now he went from 800 billion and wants a tril one four. and boehner raised it to a trillion two. but this is about speppeding. we are talking about a tragedy to the children. he gets the authority to just continue to take us where he wants for two years no restraints from congress. what are they doing? >> we are talking about the children. >> this is the future of my
9:39 pm
grand children. >> and it is it a moral issue. >> this is traching a spledge hammer to the piggy bank. >> we have to look at the bigger picture. we are trying to make public policy without forming a public opinion. we have to talk in a language they happened. and that is going to affect us. we will look and see unemployment go up and the commigoing in the toilet. >> what do you think approximate or say to the republicans? what do you say to them. i say surrender. if this is the deal, they have surrentedered. >> yes. >> they have given up. >> we live in a country, for crying out loud. we never have been a country of fear. nget a back bone and be a
9:40 pm
conservative. >> not only fight but make the case to the american people. all they do is talk to each other. the president is taking care of the middle class and boehner talks to. >> we didn't vote them in office to rubber stamp obama care. they want the cuts and so be the party any've about saving and stopping the overnight cliff. >> it is going tind badly. and you get hold on to the leverage you have. >> i happening they would should on for this president. >> and it is upa lateral power it raise it. nthe mcconole mechivism.
9:41 pm
nhe may lose eye speech. we got to go. and come to town more awn. >> i would love that. >> coming up main stream obama major media anchor takes home the prize. the winner of the most biag. i is the down with jole olstein and his wife victoria. all here on manity. hannity. [ male announcer ] the mercedes-benz winter event is back, with the perfect vehicle that's just right for you, no matter which list you're on. [ santa ] ho, ho, ho, ho! [ male announcer ] lease a 2013 ml350 for $599 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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>> every week we expose the media as blatent media bias. there is a year of the notables and quotables select the worst reportings . who hadlet quote of the year is the president of the mrc. >> yeah . >> we have done it 25 years .
9:46 pm
>> 25 years and we have done it and you have been a judge on it 20 years and also the host of temperature you are one of the people responsible for what we talk about. >> chris matthewses and night he was e lected. and he was glad super storm hit their lives. >> good work for him good day for america . i am so glad we had thrastorm last week. it was one of those things politically. but it brought in policies. >> i am so glad we had that storm. pime's homes are ruined and chris matthews is forever taking his fot out of his mouth. and the co2 in rush lim bah'sed had. and hillary clinton becoming a
9:47 pm
viantor because her husband was eye lout. and kkkis the republican. >> he is just rambling nonsensical nonsense. he is much better than this. something's happened to him. >> you do have the obama mania war. and chris won that, too over >> this guy has done everything right and praised his family right and in a blind test becomes the head of the review . everything is clean as a whistle and never broken a law. he's a perfect father and husband and american and all they do is trash the guy. >> you get the drug use. cocaine. and the chum gain. and got those little things . >> if chris matthews could carry barak obama's next child want.
9:48 pm
>> oh, man, that is cold. >> i know, i know. >> oh,. >> we are not responsible for things people say on the program. >> it is it bad. i mean, i used -- when you meet him he is it a guy . >> iy conversation and he was reasonable and he's gone on to the dark side of reality on these things. even he doesn't believe what he is a suggest about barak obama. >> he gets himself a thrill. >> this went way beyond the log. >> new york times comcolumist. mitt romney center a soul. his chest is a gold ticking. this is not a person. but a robot who will do whatever it is takes and told
9:49 pm
toy to do. nthere is eye lot of mean things said about a good man. selfish evil meep captitalist. and a lot of dirty air had and killing grandma . ni don't know if for a fact. but i bet you he never met romny. and never talked to the map. it is the rules of journalism today. a conservative shall not take it about the liberals >> quote of the year. number one. so who is the winner? >> watch. >> the land on which they formed the union was stolen and happeneds on which they built this nation was ipslaved and the women who birthed the citizens are second glass. rat times we have torn and
9:50 pm
stained our nation and another moments we wind and repaired it it is it all. imperialize and genide and hope that our best days still lie ahead of us. >> that is fascism. and imperialan and taking on the burden of battling terrorist? >> when ronald regan won the if the see. he defeated the blame america crowd. >> the blame america crowd came back but for more mill at that point. and it is scribed to american that is not true. we stopped it and which we look no realistic, these are the people who are that.
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>> sad, and work you are doing. in the wake of friday's tragedy and the holidays ahead. i sat down with jole olstein with much noded words and hope and healing. i'm doing my own sleep study.
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>> there is it no answer to why it happened. we need to be a can have the and consolation. these parents lost their hearts and try to reach out and show them care and concern is our top priority. >> that was monsignor robert weiss. he is among the many clergy members that that community will turn to as they search for answers and one week until christmas. that tack is painful and joining me about the role of faith. jole and victoria olsteen of the lakewood church in houston. how are you doing . >> great. thank you good to be here. >> you can't write words to help parents who lose kids like that. nothing you could say to me that would help me.
9:56 pm
>> it has to be the grace of god to get you through. that's what we deal with situations like that in a big church you feel at a loss. all i can tell you is god has you in the palm of the happened. and some of the families feel the peace. it is sad and tragic, but has a way of giting you through these things . >> it is going to take a lot of time. it is a week before christmas and words can't compless. but just being there. you don't need to stay manage and having people who love you and knowing suppose. >> i don't think i would be forgiving as a christian. i can't imagine this pain.
9:57 pm
you lose your child and someone kills your kid. i know what jesus did on the cross, but i am not jesus as awe lot of people know. i am showers, i don't know how you do that. >> sean, you never were in thuation and you don't have the grace and fathom that. a couple of people ared are you angry. ask one said we haven't we are just too sad. if i would angry, too. i would lose my mind. there are phases of the anger and grief and you dealt with parents that lost their kids. >> it is unnatural. you don't expect to lose your child . you go through the pain. and the thing you do is get
9:58 pm
stuck in one area. hopefully they will fiped the support. and when you think about it, if that child could come back. they would not want that child stuck. my encouragement to the parents is it is hard and could take years and years and if you want to get close to your child. get close to god. your child is with grod god. >> you married up. and that is -- i gave you a hard time. you are till with him. >> i have known you 25 years. >> and i can get away with being a pain in the neck. >> what is the hardest thing to counsel. this and the indicating of a child or teenager killed in a automobile accidents. there are no words to say. mourn with those that morn. and weep with those that wipe.
9:59 pm
we tell them. you have to take it a day at a time. >> i think being a pastor and obviously you are in the ministry as well. and first responders and you are seeing these and how to you compartmentalize. i pray for people in thalt arand they are treated in the cancer center and some of them are not going to make it. md sop son is a great place. >> i will go back there and weep. >> mourn with those who and celebrate with those that celebrate. >> we see a lot of people that have overcome. >> is there aness between mental. and maybe you


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